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Brushing teeth

Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Hygiene on 30 January 2007 by iamrainbow

*pant pant*

I leaned over eagerly to lick Big Sista’s face. I wanna give her big kiss!

Big Sista grimaced and turned her face from me.

Later at night, after feeding me crumbs of bread, she took out a blue thing with bristles on her finger.

“Open,” she cajoled me.

She smiled and pried my jaws open. I licked her fingers.

“Eee..” she removed her fingers quickly.

Then she tried again to put her fingers into my mouth. I shut my mouth. Hehe. Anything she told me to do, I loved to challenge her. :p

Besides I had a hunch, she wanted to stick that brush into my mouth.

She held me jaw from top, blocking some of my view and brushed my front teeth. I tasted orange jelly! Yumm.. *lick lick*

When she stuck it at my sides, she pulled my jaw open from the bottom. Ha! I could see clearly! I zipped my mouth very tightly. Hmph 😐

She brushed a bit somemore then stopped and continued a few seconds later.

So yesterday night, I went to sleep very early hehehe. But a car zoomed by and then park outside. I immediately woke up and made LOTS of noise!

Then Big Sista took out a spray bottle to spray water at me again… *sob* I sat down at the corner quietly, hiding my face.

I looked up and showed her my best pitiful face when she came out again holding the brush with orange.

I have to give her credit, she used high pitch voice trying to excite me, “Doggie, this is good for your teeeeth!”

I wasn’t born yesterday. She stuck her fingers into my mouth again and this time, I let her brush my teeth longer laaa. I also didn’t want foul breathe. Maybe when I have orange breathe, Big Sista would let me give her a big wet kiss across her face! 😀

Pet Education – Brushing Teeth & Home Dental Care
Furlongs Pet Supply – How To Brush A Dog’s Teeth

Blue basket

Posted in Animals on 25 January 2007 by iamrainbow


Why neighbour’s maid put the blue basket on our – the top divider of our houses! The one where the cats always get down from their roof?!


“Quiet!” Big Sista said sternly.

I looked at her then back at the blue basket. IT’S A THREAT, that blue basket! GET IT OFF!


Running away (almost)

Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Play on 25 January 2007 by iamrainbow

I was playing with the nylon chew bone when it got outside our gate. I sat down and looked at it, I couldn’t reach outside. It was too far out.

Big Sista opened the gate for me again and I went out to grab it then I had a flash of great idea.

I ran to the corner house at our block and then followed the pee scent at the back! 😀

I ran, ran, ran.. *sniff sniff sniff* I checked every interesting scent. Rubbish bin, lamp post, electric post, gate, bushes..
Big Sista didn’t follow me. Goodie!

I saw many dogs at their home. Weeehee.. don’t jealous oh, I’m so free, I thought with glee. The wind blew on my fur. Ooo, that felt good.

Then Big Sista appeared but she didn’t scold me, just looked at me. I knew she was coming – I could smell her before she turned the corner. The wind was telling me.

After following me awhile, an old aunty cycled by us. I only glanced at her, didn’t bark. She wasn’t threatening, so old already still work selling kuih-muih.

Suddenly Big Sista ran back. Yeah, we played run. Although I’m shorter than her, I cut her several times.

At the corner, T-junction she called, she ran leftside towards home. Trap!! She knew I couldn’t resist running with her. I u-turned. Hehehe.

Handsome guys, I come back again!

I investigated the road, grass, flower, plant.. so interesting, but huh, so tiring. I walked back home panting. Water…

But the gate was closed. Grandmather walked slowly to open the door. She’s really slow. Faster lar, thirsty ahhh :p

Then Big Sista shouted, “Don’t open door for her!”

Grandmather stopped in her tracks and then sat at her favourite chair, ignoring me. Big Sista also ignored me.

I walked around a bit again. Then I came back showing my pitiful face.

Didn’t work.

I almost wanted to use sound effect (whine and cry as loud as possible) but at the same time, Father came back! They must open the door! 😀 Father saved the day! Motha appeared baffled that I was outside.

The moment the gate was opened, I ran inside. *pant pant*

I drank all the water in the white plastic. Hungryyyyyyy…

I padded over to Big Sista but she ignored me. 😦

Lost & found Yellow Lime

Posted in Animals, Play on 19 January 2007 by iamrainbow

*whine* I lost Yellow Lime…

I was playing with it and then it went away in the drain. Help! I couldn’t grab it!

Big Momma, please help me take the ball!

Big Momma & Grandmatha talked with each other.

“Where’s the ball? It’s missing,” Grandmatha said.

“Don’t know. Not there?” Big Momma replied.

“I don’t see it.”

“Eh? I don’t see it either. Under the cupboard is it?

“No ah.”

Big Momma bent down to double check. “Yeah wo.”

“Oh, there!” Grandmatha pointed to the end of the drain at porch.

“Let [Big Sista] take when she wakes up la.”

Aiyea, need to wait meh? Big Sista always sleep till the sun is on top of my head now that she’s not working.

Sigh.. I’ll have to play with my Invisible Friend again.

Today I’ll be Xena the Princess Warrior! Hiaaa! *swipe paw* *growl*

When Big Sista woke up, surprisingly it was quite early, I was lying outside Big Momma’s bedroom. It’s shady and cool here. I can see the sky from here too. Birds fly high. Hard to get.

Actually Big Sista knew the ball was missing yesterday night. She bent over and searched under the car and porch but she couldn’t see the Yellow Lime at the longkang end. Big Sista have huge problem with her eyesight, even with her spec. She should eat more bones and play. Then she can have perfect eyesight like me. I can see other things that she can’t see. Like aura, spirits, cats 2 blocks away. Ok, I smell the cats 2 blocks away.

If I get trained at special schools, I can even see unhealthy tissues in body. X-ray visions ho!

Grandmatha told Big Sista, “The ball is there outside.”


“Outside, at the drain.”

Big Sista took the key out, ooo I love the sound of keys jingling. It means I’m going out to play! Yes!!

I followed Big Sista obediently. She always make me sit at the gate while she unlock it. I sat.

When she opened the gate and stepped out, I followed but she shut the gate before I could get out.

Being a Good Dog, I stayed there and checked what she was doing.

She looked around and peered at the drain beneath our home.

Then she bent over the drain and found my ball!

She turned the ball around to check (for what, I didn’t know) and then threw the ball inside from outside. After she locked the gate, she grabbed the ball from me and threw it. I chased after tha ball, happy to have my toy back. 😀

Maybe if I throw the ball, pretend to play with it and make the ball go outside, then I can dash outside to play too?! Brilliant idea. Shhh don’t tell Big Sista.

I pawed the ball and it bounced under the gate to outside.

Big Sista sighed, “Aiyo!”

She got out and threw the ball in again.

OK, I better not test her patience. She not yet ate breakfast. Like me, she’s big about food. We live for good food.

Big Sista, I’ll play with my ball first. Even though it’s a bit wet and soggy. *bite bite*



Good Doggie

The Yellow Lime spinned out again

Posted in Animals, Play on 19 January 2007 by iamrainbow

Good doggie here!

This Yellow Lime is very tricky!

It always go out of the house!

Sometimes people standing outside kick the ball back to me but just now, nobody noticed it had gone out…

I lied on the floor, staring at it.

Then my Big Sista peered her head out, “Where’s your ball?”

She looked, looked and then came out.

I looked at the ball outside.


She retreived house key, I heard the jangling. 😀 It was a sign for going out!

When she opened the door, she didn’t go out to take the ball for me so I dashed out and grabbed it tightly in my mouth. Then I hurriedly dashed back inside home.

See, I was so good to my Big Sista. I didn’t run to other people’s house. 😉 For this, I got Big Sista’s ruffling my fur on my head.

A beloved called Yellow Lime

Posted in Animals, Play on 18 January 2007 by iamrainbow

My Big Sista came back with smells of other dogs and a bag of .. mmm.. I smelled mango & orange! And got food for me?

I followed her walk to the door and my front paws stepped on the house. She looked back at me and said, “Out.”

I stayed there and waited. I amazed myself sometimes. For being so obedient. 😉

When she didn’t come out, I lied down beside the gate and chewed on my purple tug rag. It’s the only toy I have left since the red-blue tug rag was gone. Big Brotha gave me the red-blue toy while the purple toy was given by Big Brotha’s gurlfriend. Big Sista had thrown the realllllllly ancient & dirty & torn red-blue toy away already. I didn’t play much with it anyway since I had a better purple toy. But now, it’s time for a new toy!

The chain is too hard to chew but one can only imagine playing with the Invisible Friend so much. *growl*

Later, she came back! I looked up, pretending to be bored.

Then she juggled a tennis ball behind the gate. I got up. Ok, Big Sista, you have my utmost attention! 😀

She threw out the tennis ball and I chased after it!

I got a tennis ball! My new toy!

Oooh, this is very good to bite! It’s bright! It’s bouncy! I name it Yellow Lime.

*pant pant* I chase the ball, very good!

Don’t take my ball away! *bark*

MIA: Big Brotha

Posted in Animals, Family on 15 January 2007 by iamrainbow

I don’t know where is my Big Brotha now.. I miss him so. The other day, everyone went out in the car and everyone came back except him. Although he takes the stick out to make thunder whenever I bark, I still love him. Why he didn’t take me walk walk for so long already? Why didn’t he come back in the morning?

In the middle of the night, I thought something was wrong when he didn’t come back. My Big Brotha left me?! I cried and Big Sista opened the closed door to rub my head and neck.
She asked, “What?”

She looked around and then said, “Go to sleep la.”

I whined.

She pet me somemore and then she closed the door again.

Wait! When is Big Brotha coming back? I miss him so…

Big Brotha’s gurlfriend also don’t drive over here already. If not I can hide below her car and daydream meditate.

I am Rainbow (VOX) - meditate under car
meditate under car


PS. My Big Brotha is short, like my Big Sista’s height but with hunch. He has a square head and pretty phoenix eyes, a bit hamsup Lou Fu Ji moustache. If you’ve seen him, bark!