Can I brainwash human to give me more food?

Ah.. where was I?

My Big Sista is always inside the house. I spy her sitting in the last room typing like a zombie. She must be blogging! Even when her Momma asked her to eat or bathe or sleep also she ignore. The best answer from her would be, “Mmm,” or “Ah,” or “Later.”


Hehe, much like me when she tells me to sleep. I just stare at her and then if I’m in a good mood, I’ll play act with her. I would lie down on 1 side. I am very clevah kekek. I stay there awhile (and close my eyes) before turning my head to see if she’s still there.

Darn! Usually she’s still standing there, checking me. Or she’ll peek from the windows. I can sense it.

I’ll go to sleep laaaa.. hai! I want to be a good home guard, protect my Big Sista, Big Brotha, even Big Momma, Big Fatha and the oldest Grandmatha from the evil cat! And whoever park outside our home!

I am Rainbow (VOX) - as a (adorable) guard dog
As a (adorable) guard dog

But if my Big Sista call me to eat, I always obey. See? I’m a Good gurl. In fact, I always have to call out that I’m hungry when the sun comes up and down.

Sometimes I will use my eyes and superb brain power to send message to whoever that sees me. “I am hungry. Give me food.”

I also add my special pathetic whine for sound effects. Last but not least, I use my eyes. I make poor, sad eyes expression. Maybe I can be a child model in advertisement, then my Big Sista will get some money, then she’ll spend the moneys on food and toys for me! Yeay! *jump jump*

My stare works with Grand Big Momma. Whenever she eats, which is when she plonks herself onto the chair right in front of the tv everyday before the sun goes down watching sappy drama, she would throw some bread crumbs or bones for me. Whatever that she’s eating la.

I am Rainbow (VOX) - dinner
I always challenge myself to eat faster than yesterday

Not all the food they give me are tasty but I am not ashamed to admit I love food, so I eat everything I can. Except the breakfast biscuits. I always eat enough and I would wait for tea or dinner when the food is better and more choices.

Oh but they humans have learned. They don’t give me so much breakfast biscuits anymore. Now I think the biscuits don’t taste that bad… Pleaaasee give me more food!


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