MIA: Big Brotha

I don’t know where is my Big Brotha now.. I miss him so. The other day, everyone went out in the car and everyone came back except him. Although he takes the stick out to make thunder whenever I bark, I still love him. Why he didn’t take me walk walk for so long already? Why didn’t he come back in the morning?

In the middle of the night, I thought something was wrong when he didn’t come back. My Big Brotha left me?! I cried and Big Sista opened the closed door to rub my head and neck.
She asked, “What?”

She looked around and then said, “Go to sleep la.”

I whined.

She pet me somemore and then she closed the door again.

Wait! When is Big Brotha coming back? I miss him so…

Big Brotha’s gurlfriend also don’t drive over here already. If not I can hide below her car and daydream meditate.

I am Rainbow (VOX) - meditate under car
meditate under car


PS. My Big Brotha is short, like my Big Sista’s height but with hunch. He has a square head and pretty phoenix eyes, a bit hamsup Lou Fu Ji moustache. If you’ve seen him, bark!


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