My name is Good Dog

Seeing that my kind also got blogs with pictures, some in silly human costumes – haha, luckily my Big Sista don’t force me wear anything. I’m au naturel. I have a choker though.

I want to blog too!

I want to tell you, the other day my Big Momma scolded me. When she came out, I was so happy and excited to see her open the gate – they always close the gate and I cannot come in their house, I’m so sad I’m always left to play by myself with the pityful purple tug – of course I showed my appreciation by standing up on my back legs only (I’m talented, I can stand like them! You don’t see my really distant cousin, whom the humans call sausage dog doing that.) and I also wanted to see her face to face. But she jumped back and screamed at me from the top. Aiieee.. I got down but I still hovered close to her. Pet me! Pet me! What do you want to give me?! Food!!

I licked the only thing accessible to me – her pants and toes. She jumped on the spot and shook her 1, 2 – 2nd finger at me!

I looked at her finger and then her face. She was scolding me again.

“Why are you so naughty ha?!”

Naughty? My name is not Naughty. My name is Good.

“Don’t touch me ah. You sit! Sit!”

I wanted to correct her. I barked and jumped up to make my case stronger, “My name is not Naughty!”

But she shouted, “SIT STAY DOWN!”

I was like, ha? Sit or stay or down?

Word of advice. If you are not sure, smile.

Cheeze heh heh

I stuck my tongue out and pulled my lips back, to mimic human’s smile. Play dumb and smile and the world will smile with you. Or at you.

I heard my Big Brotha said so to his Momma, “Aiya, she’s still young la. 1 year old only. A baby.”

I didn’t know why he said that.. I’m a big gurl already! And I’m not 1 year old! I’m 14 moons old la. Don’t think I don’t know mathematics. I always look at the moon when I’m not checking out that bad black cat outside.

*scratch my belly* I don’t know why big momma calls me Good Boy sometimes. She’s confused? Am I a gurl or boy? *look down*My Big Brotha & Big Sista always say Good Gurl whenever I sit down and don’t make any noise. So I think I’m a gurl.

Btw, to show that I’ve got nothing against Sausage Dogs, er.. Dachshund, here are more info on them long body but short legs hehe:
Wikipedia - DachshundWikipedia - Slinky Dog (Toy Story)
Wikipedia – Dachshund


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