Lost & found Yellow Lime

*whine* I lost Yellow Lime…

I was playing with it and then it went away in the drain. Help! I couldn’t grab it!

Big Momma, please help me take the ball!

Big Momma & Grandmatha talked with each other.

“Where’s the ball? It’s missing,” Grandmatha said.

“Don’t know. Not there?” Big Momma replied.

“I don’t see it.”

“Eh? I don’t see it either. Under the cupboard is it?

“No ah.”

Big Momma bent down to double check. “Yeah wo.”

“Oh, there!” Grandmatha pointed to the end of the drain at porch.

“Let [Big Sista] take when she wakes up la.”

Aiyea, need to wait meh? Big Sista always sleep till the sun is on top of my head now that she’s not working.

Sigh.. I’ll have to play with my Invisible Friend again.

Today I’ll be Xena the Princess Warrior! Hiaaa! *swipe paw* *growl*

When Big Sista woke up, surprisingly it was quite early, I was lying outside Big Momma’s bedroom. It’s shady and cool here. I can see the sky from here too. Birds fly high. Hard to get.

Actually Big Sista knew the ball was missing yesterday night. She bent over and searched under the car and porch but she couldn’t see the Yellow Lime at the longkang end. Big Sista have huge problem with her eyesight, even with her spec. She should eat more bones and play. Then she can have perfect eyesight like me. I can see other things that she can’t see. Like aura, spirits, cats 2 blocks away. Ok, I smell the cats 2 blocks away.

If I get trained at special schools, I can even see unhealthy tissues in body. X-ray visions ho!

Grandmatha told Big Sista, “The ball is there outside.”


“Outside, at the drain.”

Big Sista took the key out, ooo I love the sound of keys jingling. It means I’m going out to play! Yes!!

I followed Big Sista obediently. She always make me sit at the gate while she unlock it. I sat.

When she opened the gate and stepped out, I followed but she shut the gate before I could get out.

Being a Good Dog, I stayed there and checked what she was doing.

She looked around and peered at the drain beneath our home.

Then she bent over the drain and found my ball!

She turned the ball around to check (for what, I didn’t know) and then threw the ball inside from outside. After she locked the gate, she grabbed the ball from me and threw it. I chased after tha ball, happy to have my toy back. 😀

Maybe if I throw the ball, pretend to play with it and make the ball go outside, then I can dash outside to play too?! Brilliant idea. Shhh don’t tell Big Sista.

I pawed the ball and it bounced under the gate to outside.

Big Sista sighed, “Aiyo!”

She got out and threw the ball in again.

OK, I better not test her patience. She not yet ate breakfast. Like me, she’s big about food. We live for good food.

Big Sista, I’ll play with my ball first. Even though it’s a bit wet and soggy. *bite bite*



Good Doggie


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