Running away (almost)

I was playing with the nylon chew bone when it got outside our gate. I sat down and looked at it, I couldn’t reach outside. It was too far out.

Big Sista opened the gate for me again and I went out to grab it then I had a flash of great idea.

I ran to the corner house at our block and then followed the pee scent at the back! 😀

I ran, ran, ran.. *sniff sniff sniff* I checked every interesting scent. Rubbish bin, lamp post, electric post, gate, bushes..
Big Sista didn’t follow me. Goodie!

I saw many dogs at their home. Weeehee.. don’t jealous oh, I’m so free, I thought with glee. The wind blew on my fur. Ooo, that felt good.

Then Big Sista appeared but she didn’t scold me, just looked at me. I knew she was coming – I could smell her before she turned the corner. The wind was telling me.

After following me awhile, an old aunty cycled by us. I only glanced at her, didn’t bark. She wasn’t threatening, so old already still work selling kuih-muih.

Suddenly Big Sista ran back. Yeah, we played run. Although I’m shorter than her, I cut her several times.

At the corner, T-junction she called, she ran leftside towards home. Trap!! She knew I couldn’t resist running with her. I u-turned. Hehehe.

Handsome guys, I come back again!

I investigated the road, grass, flower, plant.. so interesting, but huh, so tiring. I walked back home panting. Water…

But the gate was closed. Grandmather walked slowly to open the door. She’s really slow. Faster lar, thirsty ahhh :p

Then Big Sista shouted, “Don’t open door for her!”

Grandmather stopped in her tracks and then sat at her favourite chair, ignoring me. Big Sista also ignored me.

I walked around a bit again. Then I came back showing my pitiful face.

Didn’t work.

I almost wanted to use sound effect (whine and cry as loud as possible) but at the same time, Father came back! They must open the door! 😀 Father saved the day! Motha appeared baffled that I was outside.

The moment the gate was opened, I ran inside. *pant pant*

I drank all the water in the white plastic. Hungryyyyyyy…

I padded over to Big Sista but she ignored me. 😦


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