Brushing teeth

*pant pant*

I leaned over eagerly to lick Big Sista’s face. I wanna give her big kiss!

Big Sista grimaced and turned her face from me.

Later at night, after feeding me crumbs of bread, she took out a blue thing with bristles on her finger.

“Open,” she cajoled me.

She smiled and pried my jaws open. I licked her fingers.

“Eee..” she removed her fingers quickly.

Then she tried again to put her fingers into my mouth. I shut my mouth. Hehe. Anything she told me to do, I loved to challenge her. :p

Besides I had a hunch, she wanted to stick that brush into my mouth.

She held me jaw from top, blocking some of my view and brushed my front teeth. I tasted orange jelly! Yumm.. *lick lick*

When she stuck it at my sides, she pulled my jaw open from the bottom. Ha! I could see clearly! I zipped my mouth very tightly. Hmph 😐

She brushed a bit somemore then stopped and continued a few seconds later.

So yesterday night, I went to sleep very early hehehe. But a car zoomed by and then park outside. I immediately woke up and made LOTS of noise!

Then Big Sista took out a spray bottle to spray water at me again… *sob* I sat down at the corner quietly, hiding my face.

I looked up and showed her my best pitiful face when she came out again holding the brush with orange.

I have to give her credit, she used high pitch voice trying to excite me, “Doggie, this is good for your teeeeth!”

I wasn’t born yesterday. She stuck her fingers into my mouth again and this time, I let her brush my teeth longer laaa. I also didn’t want foul breathe. Maybe when I have orange breathe, Big Sista would let me give her a big wet kiss across her face! πŸ˜€

Pet Education – Brushing Teeth & Home Dental Care
Furlongs Pet Supply – How To Brush A Dog’s Teeth


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