Shower time eeeee!

I don’t like to shower. Period.

It’s not because I’m having period now.

Last time, Big Brotha showered me. Now, Big Sista.

When Big Sista takes out the bottle of shampoo, ho! I know she wants to bathe me!

I immediately hide myself somewhere in the compound. Which she finds me in the end anyway. Although Big Sista doesn’t have my power of nose, she is bigger, waaaay taller than me and so supposedly can run faster than me. *sigh* I need a bigger house. More trees, tall trees and bushes to hide and play.

But then she unhooked the leash from the door and I thought she was going to take me walk outside! 😀 Yeay! I sat down and waited for her to hook the leash to my collar.

I smiled at her. Hehe. 🙂

Then she pulled me towards the water tub where Big Brotha always poured water into my water dish and I knew it! She was going to bathe me! NONONO!

I continued to sit down like a rock, not moving. I think of myself as the mountain rock, ne, the red rock in America with faces of the ex-Presidents. They had been there for so long, stuck to the earth.

Then Big Sista pulled the leash softly, “Come..”

I stayed.


I stayed.

Then she let go of the leash and got inside home. When she came out, she was holding a green treat. Oh oh, I sniffed it and it smelled good.. I must hold myself. I couldn’t move or she would know my weakness! STAY STAY STAY.

She deliberately put the treat dangling at my nose. My eyes also crossed to follow the treat. Then she turned her back to me and put it into the mouth. Ah, I thought she was making a show only. When she looked at me, the treat was still in the same size in height, width and depth.

Then she pulled on the leash again and said, “Come.”

Much to my dismay, I followed her.

To the place near the water tub. She put the treat on the wall and then bathed me, starting with the head – just water.

I like the rubbing but not the water. I guess once it’s started, it’s ok.

Then she added shampoo for the rest of my body. When she rinsed the shampoo, sometimes I walk to the other side, further away from the water tub but she pulled me back a bit.

I now know her sequence so I know when to turn and lift my paws.

While drying me with the penguin towel, I shook myself to get rid of the water. Fun.

Then she tied my leash to the dry side of the compound and let me eat the treat.


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