Oh yeah, escape is sweet

When father went to fetch Big Sista, I dashed out stealthily.

When they came back, Big Sista opened the door and found I wasn’t inside home.

Smart they were, they went to the back and found me. Father kept shouting, “Come back!” Boy, was he angry.

Big Sista found my purple rag toy at the road beside neighbour’s house and passed to father. Ops, she had a chain.

I ran, ran, sniffed, sniffed..  So much to snif, so little time!


I chased them!

I ran towards the darker area. I knew there was a dog there but this time, it didn’t bark. I went further.. Big Sista followed but not as fast as me. :p

At 1 point, there was a lot of loud barking by dogs hidden behind the factory wall.

*whine* Scared!

I ran to the other side. 2 other dogs barked at me but I didn’t care. Big Sista appeared and tried to grab my collar. I ran back to the back and dashed towards the other factory.

There, another group of dogs barked at me behind the wall.


I slowed down and walked towards the corner house and again, 2 dogs barked at me. There are a lot of dogs in my area.. all not friendly.

I stepped back and struggled as Big Sista managed to grab my collar. She attached the leash onto my collar and walked straight home. I had to follow.

I can’t wait to escape again. 🙂 This time, it was a success.


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