Freedom and love

Big Sista told her mother, “We better not chain her so much. If not, next life time we get chained. Haha.”

Her mother replied, “You take her home already, already limit her freedom lar.”

They were talking about me. Mmm…

I saw Big Sista was at the computer. She must be reading online newsletters.

I put my head through the gate and rested my jaw on the cool floor.

“But it’s better than leaving her outside (as a stray dog).”

“Dogs are born free. They are wild animals. Now you restrict her freedom.”

“If they were human.. which 1 is better – being an orphan and have to search for food and shelter in the streets or inside a home?”

“You want to help, then you go and help all the other dogs lah!” Mom retorted.

In Blood Diamond, Danny asked Maddy to help Solomon but Maddy said something like, “If I help him, then what about the rest of them?”

Then she snorted and shook her head, “I can’t believe I said that.”

Because helping even 1 person is helping when you want to change the world for better.


2 Responses to “Freedom and love”

  1. totally agree! 🙂

  2. Leishia, yeah 😀

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