1st of all, 😀 Chinese New Year! I hope the year of Pig would bring more delicious food, lots of good dreams and sleep, playplayplay and travelling! Oh, healthy body and mind too! 😀

I got to eat a bit of pink fatt kou and very little bits of kueh kar pek. 🙂 Life is sweet..

Yesterday night, I saw many brilliant colours burst in the dark sky! Loud noises too!

Big Sista folded toilet paper and inserted 1 into my ear. Which I promptly shook my head and out it came! Hehe. She tried again and I shook my head. Very irritating that paper in my ear. She thought to lessen the fireworks and crackers volume. You know lar, I stay in Chinese area that pride themselves in knowing how to celebrate Chinese New Year. :p

And I wasn’t afraid, no oh. I was confused why there were so many colours in the sky suddenly. So beautiful.

At midnight, Big Sista took me out to the road in front of our house and watched the fireworks. 🙂


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