2 of my neighbours – young girls in kindergarten or primary school – had shrieked and shouted angrily, “LESSIE!”

What had I done to them? Nothing.

So my Big Sista came out and hands akimbo, she asked them, “Mengapa?”

They ran back inside their home.

Then suddenly, a very small pebble flew over to my home.

Of course I bit it and put it in my mouth. It felt cool and hard. Good 🙂

Then Big Sista came out. She must have sharper ears than I thought. She heard the pebble dropped to our home!

She grabbed my muzzle and said firmly, “OPEN.”

I tried to keep my jaw closed but she pried it open.

Then she pulled the pebble out and threw it into the waste bin inside her home, where I was forbidden to enter. Sigh.. so much for my new toy.

She smacked my muzzle lightly and said, “NO.”

Then she went back inside.

After sometime, another pebble flew over and I put it into my mouth again. Could eat?

Again, Big Sista came and pried it out of my mouth. She threw the pebble back to neighbour and it hit the bigger girl’s butt. Hahah.

Then, she called the younger girl’s name but they went back inside home, hiding and giggling.

Later, she saw them sitting at the front porch and asked them, “Tadi awak buang batu?”

The bigger girl covered her face with a small handkerchief and tipped her head back. The younger girl smiled mischieviously, guilty but she kept quiet. The adult was reading, sitting in front of them.

We had gotten papers, plastics and food thrown over. This made my Big Sista angry at their cruelty and selfishness. Yes, I was am very noisy at night and day – I am only protecting my home and family from strangers who put papers inside, dogs passing by and dangerous men. Why, when there were robbers inside their home, I had barked so loud and then they woke up and the robbers left. I didn’t even get any thanks. Hmph!

“Jangan buang batu sini lagi. Nanti anjing saya,” she struggled to find the word, which she doubted the kids would understand, “tercekik. Kalau awak buang lagi…” My Big Sista warned them.

Then the adult realized my Big Sista was talking to the kids and she asked, “What?”

Big Sista explained, “Just now they were throwing small pebbles over to my dog.”

“WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! CRAZY AR?!” The adult scolded the kids.

We didn’t get any pebbles anymore. This wasn’t the first time things were thrown over.


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