Talk to the human

Big Sista read an article about Animal-Communication in Heal Past Lives and she’s thinking of sending images to me that has me in submissive positions:

  • stay and remain quiet, just watchful when the postman arrive or pass by. When I first lived with this family, I barked and chased the postman from inside my house once I see him zoom by in his red motorcycle. Even opposite the house. I always know when he’s coming because other neighbours would bark the sign. 🙂 Then Big Sista always told / scolded / pulled me back / sprayed water on my pretty face and I learnt NOT to bark at the postman when he’s zooming by and putting mails into our home’s mailbox. BUT I always bark when he’s leaving/reaching my neighbour’s house.
  • I wag my tail at diamond eyes creatures – cats. What?! I wanted to be friends with them. I chased them, didn’t I? They didn’t want to friend me but instead run away and hide. Some cats are really bad, simply walk in front of me in high tail. Arrogant. When I greeted them, they ignored me. *shake head* Who do they think they are? But some cats are very sweet and brave.
  • I fetch MY toys to give to Big Sista! Outrageous!

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