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Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Family, Play, Safety on 30 May 2007 by iamrainbow

My home’s roof had holes that during heavy rain with wind, there would be water dripping in. Of course, I’m not affected.

I only jump and whine when there’s thunder. Otherwise, I’m cool with rain. Oh, no. Except that I couldn’t play catch bone in a wider area when there’s rain. And most likely, no walk outside…

Today was particularly noisy and dangerous! I was so scared, I was shaking! Those intruders wearing hats, caps and long sleeved clothes and painted jeans.

I saw pieces of big gray things dropped down from the sky!!! Horror!

I freaked out, I admitted. I wasn’t as brave as I thought..

I jumped inside the human’s home.

Again and again, the pieces dropped onto the floor and lorry with loud bang! Like gun shot!

Luckily Big Sista was around and she came to soothe me. I ignored the bread she offered me.

I dared not go out till they had left. And that too, Big Sista had to carry my body out because I was adamant on sitting on the floor.

After they had left, all was well. 😀

Touch my ear

Posted in Animals, Family, Play on 29 May 2007 by iamrainbow

Big Sista loves to flick my ears softly when she thinks I cannot see her.

Like this: Tuzki – Momo – flick ear

Hehe. I only pretend not knowing…

I sit

Siew Chu Yuk

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Cantonese: Siew (burnt) Chu (pig) Yuk (meat)

Very salty. You can see them being sacrificed on Buddhist/Taoist celebrations like Chinese New Year, War God birthday, asking for blessings, funerals, Cheng Beng and weddings, etc. It’s not cheap..

It’s so cruel to kill the animals just to offer meat to the Gods. If human do good instead of kill, their wishes would come true faster and clearer!

For my Big Sista’s cousin’s wedding, they had 1 pig slaughtered. 😦 I hoped that pig died peacefully. It was BIG… Triple my size! And no more hair? It was in red.

Some of the aunties blabbered among each other, “You take some home lar.”

“Don’t have that many people eat lar! Enough!!!”

“Give to your dog lah!”

Another cousin said, “Siew Chu Yuk how can give to dog? Will lose hair loh!

“Aiya, won’t lose hair one lah! My dog is those.. choy (direct translation: vegetable, it means: mongrel, stray dog) dog!”

So choy dog means no need to care about it’s health?

Salt makes us lose our hair more. Then human complain we lose our hair a lot and dirty the floor. Make them sneeze and allergy.. have to sweep the floor many times!

*hands up*

No more pink bone

Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Family, Play on 24 May 2007 by iamrainbow

At night, I accidentally pushed the holed bone too hard and it flew out of my reach. I barked non-stop at it. Hoping my Big Sista would come out to tell me to be quiet, then she would get the pink bone for me 😉

She saw 2 bones underneath the car. 1 was the hard bone supposedly remove the tar from my teeth and the other further away was the pink bone. I didn’t care for the old bone. I wanted the pink bone!

Big Sista pushed the old bone to me but I sat there looking at the pink bone.

She said, “Ah, why did you throw it over there?”

I looked at pink bone forlornly. I almost whined.

Big Sista then pushed the pink bone to me and I pawed it back to me with glee.

I brought it back to my sleeping place and continued to bite it. I didn’t want to sleep. I wanted to bite it the whole night till the next morning.. and till the evening.

Big Sista locked the door and went back inside.

The next morning, there were bits of pink plastic pieces scattered in the porch… No more pink bone 😦

Pink bone

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My purple rag was torn so badly – not my (super sharp teeth) fault!

Big Sista bought a pink plastic toy instead of cloth. She thought this would last longer…

Yeay! I got a new toy!!!

I held it close to me. Didn’t want Big Sista to steal my toy and throw it far far away.  I growled at her when she came near. She growled loudly.

The ends already have a hole. Hehe. It’s not going to last very long. Then Big Sista have to buy another toy for me. But she needn’t worry. I didn’t eat the plastic.


No treat, no give

Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Family, Food on 12 May 2007 by iamrainbow

Big Sista throws my purple rag over me to the other side. I dash to get it and then run back to Big Sista but when her hand comes over to my mouth to take the purple rag, I step back. :p

I don’t smell any treat. Head pat and rubbing don’t count as treat.

Then Big Sista disappears. Ooo, I still want to play! Wait! Wait!

I drop the purple rag on the floor for her but she have alredy left.

Then she comes back. I smell some bread! Yeay!

She grabs the purple rag from the floor and throw it far away.

I run and bite the purple rag and come back to her.

She bait my nose with the small bread crumb. I let the purple rag loose and she take the purple rag. Then she hold out the bread to me and I hesitate. She put the bread closer to my nose and mouth.. I gingerly lick the bread into my mouth. 🙂

After I have swallow the bread, she throws the purple rag again.

I grab the purple rag and come back to her. I put the purple rag down onto the floor and she gives me another small piece of bread crumb. Pitiful. It’s not even 1cm x 1 cm bread. Maybe 2mm x 2 mm. But bread tastes better than biscuit.

We play this game many times until no more bread.

She still throw the purple rag but when I bring back the purple rag, I see empty hands! Hah! I step back and don’t give the purple rag to her. We play a bit of tug and war but she didn’t want to play anymore.. and left.

A random dog

Posted in Animals, Fashion on 7 May 2007 by iamrainbow

Big Sista received a forwarded email about animals and now she has this round face dog as wallpaper! She said, “It’s so cute!”

cute white dog blue t

This dog has a weird hair stylist. :p