No treat, no give

Big Sista throws my purple rag over me to the other side. I dash to get it and then run back to Big Sista but when her hand comes over to my mouth to take the purple rag, I step back. :p

I don’t smell any treat. Head pat and rubbing don’t count as treat.

Then Big Sista disappears. Ooo, I still want to play! Wait! Wait!

I drop the purple rag on the floor for her but she have alredy left.

Then she comes back. I smell some bread! Yeay!

She grabs the purple rag from the floor and throw it far away.

I run and bite the purple rag and come back to her.

She bait my nose with the small bread crumb. I let the purple rag loose and she take the purple rag. Then she hold out the bread to me and I hesitate. She put the bread closer to my nose and mouth.. I gingerly lick the bread into my mouth. 🙂

After I have swallow the bread, she throws the purple rag again.

I grab the purple rag and come back to her. I put the purple rag down onto the floor and she gives me another small piece of bread crumb. Pitiful. It’s not even 1cm x 1 cm bread. Maybe 2mm x 2 mm. But bread tastes better than biscuit.

We play this game many times until no more bread.

She still throw the purple rag but when I bring back the purple rag, I see empty hands! Hah! I step back and don’t give the purple rag to her. We play a bit of tug and war but she didn’t want to play anymore.. and left.


2 Responses to “No treat, no give”

  1. dun let big sista bully u or trick u again, *woof woof woof*

  2. Aggghh.. Korean monster! Were you the 1 passing by last nite?!

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