No more pink bone

At night, I accidentally pushed the holed bone too hard and it flew out of my reach. I barked non-stop at it. Hoping my Big Sista would come out to tell me to be quiet, then she would get the pink bone for me 😉

She saw 2 bones underneath the car. 1 was the hard bone supposedly remove the tar from my teeth and the other further away was the pink bone. I didn’t care for the old bone. I wanted the pink bone!

Big Sista pushed the old bone to me but I sat there looking at the pink bone.

She said, “Ah, why did you throw it over there?”

I looked at pink bone forlornly. I almost whined.

Big Sista then pushed the pink bone to me and I pawed it back to me with glee.

I brought it back to my sleeping place and continued to bite it. I didn’t want to sleep. I wanted to bite it the whole night till the next morning.. and till the evening.

Big Sista locked the door and went back inside.

The next morning, there were bits of pink plastic pieces scattered in the porch… No more pink bone 😦


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