Siew Chu Yuk

Cantonese: Siew (burnt) Chu (pig) Yuk (meat)

Very salty. You can see them being sacrificed on Buddhist/Taoist celebrations like Chinese New Year, War God birthday, asking for blessings, funerals, Cheng Beng and weddings, etc. It’s not cheap..

It’s so cruel to kill the animals just to offer meat to the Gods. If human do good instead of kill, their wishes would come true faster and clearer!

For my Big Sista’s cousin’s wedding, they had 1 pig slaughtered. 😦 I hoped that pig died peacefully. It was BIG… Triple my size! And no more hair? It was in red.

Some of the aunties blabbered among each other, “You take some home lar.”

“Don’t have that many people eat lar! Enough!!!”

“Give to your dog lah!”

Another cousin said, “Siew Chu Yuk how can give to dog? Will lose hair loh!

“Aiya, won’t lose hair one lah! My dog is those.. choy (direct translation: vegetable, it means: mongrel, stray dog) dog!”

So choy dog means no need to care about it’s health?

Salt makes us lose our hair more. Then human complain we lose our hair a lot and dirty the floor. Make them sneeze and allergy.. have to sweep the floor many times!

*hands up*


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