My home’s roof had holes that during heavy rain with wind, there would be water dripping in. Of course, I’m not affected.

I only jump and whine when there’s thunder. Otherwise, I’m cool with rain. Oh, no. Except that I couldn’t play catch bone in a wider area when there’s rain. And most likely, no walk outside…

Today was particularly noisy and dangerous! I was so scared, I was shaking! Those intruders wearing hats, caps and long sleeved clothes and painted jeans.

I saw pieces of big gray things dropped down from the sky!!! Horror!

I freaked out, I admitted. I wasn’t as brave as I thought..

I jumped inside the human’s home.

Again and again, the pieces dropped onto the floor and lorry with loud bang! Like gun shot!

Luckily Big Sista was around and she came to soothe me. I ignored the bread she offered me.

I dared not go out till they had left. And that too, Big Sista had to carry my body out because I was adamant on sitting on the floor.

After they had left, all was well. 😀


2 Responses to “Renovation”

  1. doggy too busy to post? woof woof

  2. Had to recover from trauma of strange men in boots coming into home, HUGE lorry driving in and things falling from the sky!

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