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Yoda ET mix breed

Posted in Animals, Event, Fashion on 24 June 2007 by iamrainbow

I discovered a new breed – a mixup accident between Yoda, the shortie and ET, an alien from another planet. This guy won 2007 World’s Ugliest Dog Contest. I’m surprised he’s not named Yoda ET..

ABC News - 2007 World's Ugliest Dog Contest
ABC News – 2007 World’s Ugliest Dog Contest – Elwood

Elwood’s lucky to have the loving comfort from Quigley who said she rescued Elwood two years ago. “The breeder was going to euthanize him because she thought he was too ugly to sell,” said Quigley.

I’m not qualified to enter this Ugly contest thing but I’m happy for Yoda ET. I mean Elwood. Everyone deserves happiness. Even the ugly.

Besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Lessie I'm DOWN oredi

If u r human, u don need to read this

Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Family on 16 June 2007 by iamrainbow

Big Sista found 2 articles from MSN/Men’s Health that could end my days as the Alpha Dog! *sniff*

I’m already walking behind her when we go out of the door to walk around the neighbourhood. I’m even staying put and no more running away from home at every chance I get. Heck, I stay meekly inside home and wait for her to kick my bone back inside – after the bone has flown outside – SO TOTALLY NOT my fault!

But my days of bring toys and wait for her to throw them and leaning against her to be petted may be over! As it is, she doesn’t pet me when I rub myself against her! *whine*

The Perfect Pooch
How to adopt, raise, and train a great dog.

“Your dog will always look to you for leadership. He wants it,” says Brian Kilcommons, a dog trainer and the author of My Smart Puppy. “You can’t let him get the best of you.” Here are three fundamental principles of assuming the alpha role.

Men’s Health – The Perfect Pooch

Dog Training Beyond “Sit”

The terms “dog whisperer” and “pet psychologist” may conjure images of an heiress fretting because her Yorkie isn’t enjoying her foie gras. But Cesar Milan is no joke. He’s a 35-year-old Mexican immigrant who crossed the border 14 years ago and worked his way up from groomer to host of his own TV show, The Dog Whisperer, on the National Geographic Channel.

Read it here

That dog pic. Is 1 sad looking dog. I can conjure a sad-pity-me look better than this – with sound effect *whine* ooo ooo ooooooo and hang my head down as if depressed. Sometimes it works wonders.

Eat dog, eat cat

Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Food on 16 June 2007 by iamrainbow

In February, the Federal Territory Veterinary Services Department visited a doublestorey house in Puchong Saujana, Selangor, after being alerted by an animal protection group that its occupants — foreign construction workers — were allegedly butchering puppies.

A resident had earlier complained about hearing dogs yelping before becoming silent. It would be followed by the sound of the cutting of meat and bones from the back of the kitchen.

The resident claimed to have seen blood in the drain the next day.

The Malay Mail 16 June 2007 – Deadly ‘dog house’

It’s so terrible! Eating my kind! And puppies some more!

How to save water

Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Family, Food, Health, Hygiene on 15 June 2007 by iamrainbow
  • Use a bottle to give me water (like those hamster water bottle) instead of water bowl.
  • Use rain water or used water from your shower/bath/washing clothes to clean up my poo & pee nature calls.
  • If you have some sort of filtering mechanisme for rain water, you can use those water on me too. For external uses anyway.
  • Ummm… have a tub of water – better yet, a small plastic swimming pool – neh, those kids play one – for my bath. Then you don’t have to lure or trick me to the bathe area. Turn the tap off on me when you are bathing me.
  • Water me from top – water will drip down and wet the bottom part anyway. Just cup some water in your palm if my stomach or other areas are not wet enough.
  • To make sure I drink all the water you provide, put some good smelling food into it. I’ll drink it all up!
  • DON’T spray me with water whenever I bark unnecessarily. Just use loud noise (if ok) or give me food 😉 (Big Sista – just use the muzzle)
  • Any other ideas? Please let me know more so that I can score more treats hehe.