How to save water

  • Use a bottle to give me water (like those hamster water bottle) instead of water bowl.
  • Use rain water or used water from your shower/bath/washing clothes to clean up my poo & pee nature calls.
  • If you have some sort of filtering mechanisme for rain water, you can use those water on me too. For external uses anyway.
  • Ummm… have a tub of water – better yet, a small plastic swimming pool – neh, those kids play one – for my bath. Then you don’t have to lure or trick me to the bathe area. Turn the tap off on me when you are bathing me.
  • Water me from top – water will drip down and wet the bottom part anyway. Just cup some water in your palm if my stomach or other areas are not wet enough.
  • To make sure I drink all the water you provide, put some good smelling food into it. I’ll drink it all up!
  • DON’T spray me with water whenever I bark unnecessarily. Just use loud noise (if ok) or give me food 😉 (Big Sista – just use the muzzle)
  • Any other ideas? Please let me know more so that I can score more treats hehe.

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