Lost my toy (again)

Remember I wrote about getting a new toy? Did I? The rag with lots of colours, not only purple and white err grey?

I was dangling it at the gate in the morning and suddenly it was gone!

Big Sista had played with me the night before. She told me, “GO!”

I looked at her. I turned around at the porch. I looked back at her. I sent brain waves to her – I also don’t know where?


I continued to stare at her. I don’t know go where to find it woooh..

She walked out into the porch and looked for it. No where got.

She went outside and walked around the neighbour. First, she went to the black puppy.

There’s this black puppy don’t know from where..? He, I think. He kept biting our gate and I kept biting it but got scolded by Big Sista.

You what we do everytime we see another person like us. We bark. I barked non-stop. Until Big Sista said, “Lessie, Quiet.” She sounded like a warning. But I’m not afraid :p

Then she’d shake the bottle of water. OK. OK. I quiet.

I think that dog took my toy!

The next day, an aunt that always chit chat gossip with grandmother dropped my toy! It’s in black colour and smell funny! I didn’t touch it, much less go near it. Yuck.. maybe it’s not mine. Helo, mistaken identity!

But Big Sista cleaned it up and hung it outside during 1 hot day. Oooh, ooo, it’s really my toy! I look up at it. Happy happy. When can I play?


2 Responses to “Lost my toy (again)”

  1. Hmmm Lessie, you’re scare of bottle water when it’s shake? 😛

  2. Yea ler, I scare Big Sista spray water on me. *shudder* You don’t?

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