Could’ve fooled me

I read Wise Bread – Pet Hack: Cheap treats and laughed!

My Big Sista knew whenever she hit my food plate with spoon, I would come running! Dang! Then I whine for the food and jump up and down. Oo ooo ooooooo oooo..

Tennis balls? Doesn’t work for me big strong sharp teeth hehe. Big Sista and Brotha had bought around 5 tennis balls from supermarkets but I chewed them up in 1-2 days each. Hah!

The only thing that lasts long for me is the SUPER hard bone. It’s not colourful though 😦

She also bought a neon pink plastic bone from pet shop. Destroyed into pieces in 6hrs 20min. Woooh! She wailed when she saw it.

I like playing with the colourful string rag. I throw it up in the air, wrestle *growl* with it and I never give to my Big Sista. Unless she’s offering food..

We must be strong! No reward, no obey!


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