Can I eat it?

When Big Sista came hom one day, she showed a blue appy to me in a clear plastic box. I bend my head and looked at it. What is it?

Can I eat it?!

I sit up straighter, pretending to be obedient hahaha.

Flip Flap
Flip Flap – Big Sista got this for her birthday. I tell you, my Big Sista is tall! Over 3 times of my height and very short fur.

Then she moved it upside down and the lime green things moved!!! OOooh, alive?! What animal is it? I got chase flies and buterflies before..

Can I eat it?!

Plleeeeassee.. please…. *whine for sound effect to tug her heart*

“Heh heh, not to eat 1 lah!” She said.

Cey! *bark loudly* Play the fool me! Got food only come la.

Give me red apple ok? Be Deliciiuuus..


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