Dog Catching Competition organize by MPS

Big Sista received this forwarded email:

1. Pertandingan adalah antara Jawatankuasa Penduduk dalam kawasan pentadbiran Majlis Perbandaran Selayang.
2. Tangkapan boleh dilaksanakan sama ada oleh Jawatankuasa Penduduk sendiri atau dengan menggunakan bantuan pihak-pihak tertentu. Majlis Perbandaran Selayang tidak bertanggungjawab atas upah penangkapan.
3. Tangkapan dilaksanakan tanpa menjejaskan undang-undang Kecil 10(2)(a) Undang-undang Kecil Pelesenan Anjing dan Rumah Pembiakan Anjing (Majlis Perbandaran Selayang) 2005.
4. Tangkapan hendaklah diserahkan hidup-hidup kepada urus setia pertandingan untuk pengiraan/audit. Gambar setiap ekor tangkapan juga hendaklah dikemukakan
sebagai bukti tangkapan.


Dog Catching Competition organize by MPS


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It’s for a Dog Catching Competition where lucrative prize money is being offered to individuals who can catch the most dogs.Stupid doesn’t even begin to describe such an idea. And to cover their ass, they wash their hands off any responsibility by saying “it will not be held responsible for any injury or damage caused by the individuals to the general public or themselves in their attempts to catch these stray dogs”. Which dimwit thinks this will solve our stray problems?


This competition would only encourage more cruelty towards these helpless animals. (Bear in mind that these stray dogs are on the streets due to our own negligence). They say the dogs must be brought in alive. But it doesn’t say in what condition. This will only encourage would-be dog catchers to physically harm the dogs prior to taking them to the council. Obviously, the dogs’ welfare is not a priority. There is no statement anywhere in their ad stating that the dogs must be caught in a humane manner.This will only encourage people who are out to make easy money to steal dogs! Stray or otherwise. How easy is it to abuse this ‘competition’?


So dog owners, please bring your dogs indoors to keep them safe from potential dog thieves! The Selayang Municipal Council is not just irresponsible, but down right BARBARIC. Let us plead to the government and the authorities to look into this matter and stop this campaign immediately. There are other ways and means to curb the stray population in this country. A number of groups and organizations like the SPCA and PAWS are working hard to educate the public via spay and neuter campaigns.If we let the Selayang Municipal Council get away with their barbaric dogcatching competition, what next?


A dog shooting contest? Let’s speak up against the Selayang Municipal Council for organizing this ridiculous competition. You can do this by highlighting this case in your blogs, by emailing all your contacts and by writing to the press.


Contacts are as follows:MalaysianPress


MixFM; ;;;


International organisations that you can write to:


Spread the news, and take the time to just write a short note to all our local papers as well as the international organisations mentioned above.


2 Responses to “Dog Catching Competition organize by MPS”

  1. I don’t know whether to laf (the pics are funny) or bark (so angry humans suggest how to catch my homeless kind!)

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