Oh got such thing

Locally, if any of my people are lost, they call SPCA or PAWS and send emails and post on blogs.

There, in US, got this website for Fido:

By registering with Fido Finder, you will be registering your dog’s vital information, such as name, breed, gender, color, and postal code. If your dog is ever lost, the person who has found your dog will be able to locate you based on the postal code in which the dog was found. Don’t worry. Fido Finder takes into consideration surrounding postal codes when notifying dog owners that a possible match was just added to Fido Finder.


to find missing people (read: dogs) and help others too.

Mabbe Big Sista can get a job chasin’ and findin’ missin’ people.. then I can fallow and travel all over the world!


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