Justice for Zoe – Deranged GA. Man Shoots Dog 12 Times With A Silencer!” petition

Police say he shot a neighbor’s 8-month-old puppy 14 times.

Smisson suspected that her next door neighbor, 35-year-old Jason Allmon, had a role in the disappearances, but she said she couldn’t prove it. Smisson said Allmon mounted speakers on a fence aimed at Smisson’s yard, and her dogs.

“He would transmit a noise, an ultrasonic frequency into the back yard and its supposed to be anti-bar, but it made [them] bark more,” said Smisson.

Last weekend, Smisson’s Husky mix, Zoie, jumped a fence. Smisson said she spotted Allmon with a gun.

“He walked over, pointed a big gun at her and shot her in the head and said ‘You’ve had this coming.’

Byron Police Chief Wesley Cannon charged Allmon with felony cruelty to animals based on surveillance tape from Allmon’s home.

“The entire crime is on tape. In that video, we see no signs of aggression from the animal,” said Cannon.

Click Care2 to sign this petition. You also view the evidence (video) because cruel Jason Allmon recorded it!


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