How long will I live?

Big Sista took this How long will I live test and now it’s my turn!

Are you female?
Ya I am!!
Did any of your grandparents live to age 85?
I don’t know woohhh..
Did all your grandparents reach age 80?
I also don’t know… I’m an orphan! Oooo oooo *wail* Someone dumped me in the triangle field and day by day, my siblings disappear. Left me alone… and then, Big Brotha and his girlfriend came to play with me and feed me. And Big Sista also aaa.. now I’m here loh!
Did either of your parents die of cardiovascular disease before age 50?
Also don’t know.
Did any of your parents or siblings either have/had cancer, heart condition or juvenile diabetes before age 50?
Donno!! But Big Sista is still young!
Do you exercise at moderate intensity (aerobically) for at least 30 minutes 3 or 4 times a week?
Sure la! I chase crows, I bark at them. I chase cats too. I run to bark at people approaching my road. Grrr. Then everyday big Sista exercise play FETCH with me in evening and if she got good mood, at nite also. Just sometimes she ignore me when I carry my toy for her to play together.
How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?
I dont smoke!
Do you eat fresh fruit and vegetables:
O playing with cherry tomatoes count? I eat them after tat la.. I squash and bite them. Hahhaahhahaha. Vege no no. Unless I got tricked!
Do you eat a healthy breakfast (cereal, toast or fruit):
Biscuit count? Toast? No lo, only bread
Do you have high blood pressure?
Don think so
Do you have elevated cholesterol?
Don thinks o too
Do you drink more than 6 standard alcoholic drinks per day?
Alcoh olic? Wat’s tat? Big Sista gives me plain water onyl le. Now she’s so tricky, put some good smelling dfood intot he water so that I finish all the water. nOw my peeee notso smellyl haha
Do you either sleep less than 5 hours or more than 10 hours a night?
Yes, always got dog and people pass by at nite. Then midnite got weird ppl flying!

Aiyoo wat kind of test this is so long one? I go bark at stranger 1st..


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