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Dogs attack cat?

Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Safety on 20 October 2007 by iamrainbow

The other midnite, I smelled a group of dogs coming into my street. I started barking once my senses confirmed it was true.

Then the dogs came to my street, barking also and pawing something. Wait.. it was a cat! It meowed angrily, fighting back and trying to escape but 5-6 dogs were too much.

It was heart wrenching for Big Sista who came out toolate. Should she go out to fend off the dogs to save thecat? Was the cat hurt tooo much that it would be better off dead (and become dog food)?

Didn’t know if they had killed and eaten the cat – they dragged the cat to the other roadand soon, no more meowing sound. Sigh. And I got scolded for barking.

Big Brotha suggested the next timet his happens, throw bread to another area where the dogs will follow – the dogs get food, the cat escape.