New template

It’s not exactly new..

But that Big Sista has been so busy blogging her own blogs, hmph! and Facebooking that she forgot MY own blog! *bark* Bad Sista. If I were in Facebook, I’d have my chance to poke her all I want. Czo she always poke my ear for fun, then laugh when I flap my ears.

I got talent. I can move my ears up, down, left, right -35°. Can you? Wanna bet?! WANNA BET?! 1 BIG JAR OF COOKIES!

And she put up my old picture! This was at a night… long time ago. I was sitting near the door, body and mind heavy from big dinner. I know her trick but damnnit, I love food! Food is my gonna be my downfall aii..

I got no more balls la. 1 got lost, the other chewed to death. You wan to give me one? Give me big, squeezy one oh, coz I can BITE real hard. *bare teeth*

If Big Sista give me another ball, I would keep quiet. I swear I will NOT bark at the postman and people passing advertisements into the mailbox. Maybe.

So eh. My head is not that big. My body is very loooooooooooooooooooong but like I said, I have my body physical talents. I can curl up my body into a circle. Can you? If you can curl more than me, I give you.. mm.. 1 cookie.

If not, you give me 10 cookie. Hhahahhahahahahahaa..


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