Leave it!

Big sis is teaching me to leave delicious, tempting food on the floor, RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES!

How can I do it?! Of coz I can’t! I won’t leave any food unappreciated!

So I sneak and eat it when she turns her back! Hehe hehee.. Then I’d move away from the spot. Kek.

Then when she came back, she would turn her head left & right. Looking for the snack. “Where is it?! Who ate it?! Ha?!”

I’d feign my innocent look and pretend to be interested in the small patch of grass growing from 1 of the small hole in my world. Sometimes I’d scratch it to show some action to make it more believable.

Sometimes though, she’d caught me and I’d kena smack on my nose 😦

But I will still do it again, if opportunity presents itself :p

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