Doggie blogs too. I am a simple minded doggie.

I only need food, play, drink, sleep – lots of them and not necessarily in that order.

I blog to release my nervous tension – Big Sista and others said I’m hyper active. It’s also to let Big Brotha know what’s up in my life.. since he’s not around here. *muah*

I channel my thoughts to Big Sista and she types into WordPress. Don’t believe everything she typed though. For instance, when she complained that I was making noise at night, it was because I found a threat! Not because I simply bark at nothing, are you crazy? And if the cat didn’t run, I wouldn’t have barked at it!

If you want to learn English grammar, don’t learn from my blog.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. One thing I learned from my human (along w/ my 2 brothers) is that not all humans are the same. We are glad that we don’t have your humans!

    It’s a shame that your humans neglect you to the point that they have to CHAIN you outside & you are not allowed in the house! We couldn’t even begin to imagine how horrible that is! Your humans should have realized that being hyper-active is just being you . . . what your breed is. Your humans should have realized that if only they had the time for you, that they would train you properly and channel that hyper-activeness into something more productive that would help make you a welcome member of the family (and allowed to live with them in the house).

    We three are all very hyper, but our human has taken the time to teach us the correct way to behave and has even taught us to use our hyperactivity to do cool things around our house – like picking up/ putting laundry in the basket, fetching our human’s slippers, getting the newspaper and even getting the phone or t.v. remote when our human can’t get it. We also do cool tricks all of the time & get lots of LOVE and ATTENTION because we are so good (and funny too).

    I bet if someone loved you enough to take the time to teach you how to be good, maybe you’d be allowed in the house and showered with affection like us. Otherwise, maybe you would be better off running away and taking your chances of possibly getting adopted by a more loving family at the pound. There’s a lot of humans out there that would absolutely love you b/c of your breed & being hyper (there’s so much you could do, if only someone would take the time instead of neglecting you). It is your human’s fault – not yours – that you do not know these things and that is also called neglect & neglect = abuse = a crime where we live (nevermind a little dog like you being CHAINED OUTSIDE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!) Even animal rights groups, like the ASPCA woud agree!

    It may be very possible for us to find & help you – so hold on tight (and have faith & hope)

  2. Sigh, Heidi, you must stay in a great home..

    My Big Sista wanted to let me in, sleep in her room but Big Mom disallowed that – she said I am too dirty and shed much fur. Besides, all of them were against keeping me except Big Sista and Big Brotha.

    When Big Sista moves out, then I can go indoor with her 😀

    I’m not chained all the time. Only chained from midnight to early morning. Everyday my Big Sista exercise with me – either in the porch or walk around the neighbourhood.

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