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The literature Big Sista poured over

Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Books, Family on 4 February 2007 by iamrainbow

Big Sista is a big fan of cheesy funky romance books. I always see her reading those books and then laugh suddenly. A bit crazy.

When she got me and couldn’t handle me, she read Barbara J. Welde – Civilizing Your Puppy.

I wasn’t that bad. I only barked at everyone but my family. And I barked at other animals. Cars that passed by slowly. Cars that parked outside our home. Get off!!

I also barked when I wanted them to play with me. When I was hungry. Alone.

Then Big Sista and Brotha claimed I had problems biting, chewing, eating everything from paper, toys to cloth. I even shredded the small pillow that Big Sista gave me to sleep. Small cotton flew out.. I had never seen such thing so I chewed the pillow somemore. 🙂

Other than that, I was a good puppy, if I do say so myself. 😉

Oh, apparently, I jumped on people a lot.