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Yoda ET mix breed

Posted in Animals, Event, Fashion on 24 June 2007 by iamrainbow

I discovered a new breed – a mixup accident between Yoda, the shortie and ET, an alien from another planet. This guy won 2007 World’s Ugliest Dog Contest. I’m surprised he’s not named Yoda ET..

ABC News - 2007 World's Ugliest Dog Contest
ABC News – 2007 World’s Ugliest Dog Contest – Elwood

Elwood’s lucky to have the loving comfort from Quigley who said she rescued Elwood two years ago. “The breeder was going to euthanize him because she thought he was too ugly to sell,” said Quigley.

I’m not qualified to enter this Ugly contest thing but I’m happy for Yoda ET. I mean Elwood. Everyone deserves happiness. Even the ugly.

Besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Lessie I'm DOWN oredi

A random dog

Posted in Animals, Fashion on 7 May 2007 by iamrainbow

Big Sista received a forwarded email about animals and now she has this round face dog as wallpaper! She said, “It’s so cute!”

cute white dog blue t

This dog has a weird hair stylist. :p

Talk to the human

Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Fashion, New Age on 10 April 2007 by iamrainbow

Big Sista read an article about Animal-Communication in Heal Past Lives and she’s thinking of sending images to me that has me in submissive positions:

  • stay and remain quiet, just watchful when the postman arrive or pass by. When I first lived with this family, I barked and chased the postman from inside my house once I see him zoom by in his red motorcycle. Even opposite the house. I always know when he’s coming because other neighbours would bark the sign. 🙂 Then Big Sista always told / scolded / pulled me back / sprayed water on my pretty face and I learnt NOT to bark at the postman when he’s zooming by and putting mails into our home’s mailbox. BUT I always bark when he’s leaving/reaching my neighbour’s house.
  • I wag my tail at diamond eyes creatures – cats. What?! I wanted to be friends with them. I chased them, didn’t I? They didn’t want to friend me but instead run away and hide. Some cats are really bad, simply walk in front of me in high tail. Arrogant. When I greeted them, they ignored me. *shake head* Who do they think they are? But some cats are very sweet and brave.
  • I fetch MY toys to give to Big Sista! Outrageous!

I love hair bands!

Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Family, Fashion on 28 March 2007 by iamrainbow

Big Sista sometimes tie her long hair with these hair bands.

Lace roses hairbands
Lace roses hairbands


The one on the left is the original design. The right one.. er.. after she dropped it onto the floor, ahh I picked it up with my mouth… and I put it inside my mouth and tried to chew it.

The lilac silky rose came out. *sheepish*


Posted in Animals, Fashion, Health, Hygiene on 11 February 2007 by iamrainbow

Lately I have been shedding a lot of my fur.

Big Sista loved to run her fingers through my fur.. Oooo I loved it too.

I heard them humans say:

“She’s losing so much hair!” Mom complained. “Home inside also got! So dirrty!”

“Let’s try not to give her home food. Maybe our home food is salty to her.”

“I never put salt in our home food.. but ok, will try it.”

Big Sista found that doggies shed their fur during spring time and temperature.

I heard she quoted from a website to Mom,

“Shedding seems to be connected to seasonal temperature, but it is actually governed by photoperiod or day length. Dogs that live outside usually shed heavily as days lengthen in spring, but those that live mostly indoors often seem to shed at least a bit all year. Loss of the winter undercoat helps the dog stay cooler in warm, humid weather, a necessity for an animal whose only sweat glands are in the pads of his paws. Female dogs often drop their coats after a heat cycle or after whelping and most dogs will also shed after undergoing anesthesia.”

Dog Owner’s Guide – Canine Fur

At least I don’t shed as much as this poor Newfie doggie:

Big Paws Only – Dog Shedding

OO look at others’ fur in Dog – A Dog’s Fur

The types of brushes for different dogs – Help your pet as fur falls off