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Lost my toy (again)

Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Family, Hygiene, Play on 5 July 2007 by iamrainbow

Remember I wrote about getting a new toy? Did I? The rag with lots of colours, not only purple and white err grey?

I was dangling it at the gate in the morning and suddenly it was gone!

Big Sista had played with me the night before. She told me, “GO!”

I looked at her. I turned around at the porch. I looked back at her. I sent brain waves to her – I also don’t know where?


I continued to stare at her. I don’t know go where to find it woooh..

She walked out into the porch and looked for it. No where got.

She went outside and walked around the neighbour. First, she went to the black puppy.

There’s this black puppy don’t know from where..? He, I think. He kept biting our gate and I kept biting it but got scolded by Big Sista.

You what we do everytime we see another person like us. We bark. I barked non-stop. Until Big Sista said, “Lessie, Quiet.” She sounded like a warning. But I’m not afraid :p

Then she’d shake the bottle of water. OK. OK. I quiet.

I think that dog took my toy!

The next day, an aunt that always chit chat gossip with grandmother dropped my toy! It’s in black colour and smell funny! I didn’t touch it, much less go near it. Yuck.. maybe it’s not mine. Helo, mistaken identity!

But Big Sista cleaned it up and hung it outside during 1 hot day. Oooh, ooo, it’s really my toy! I look up at it. Happy happy. When can I play?

How to save water

Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Family, Food, Health, Hygiene on 15 June 2007 by iamrainbow
  • Use a bottle to give me water (like those hamster water bottle) instead of water bowl.
  • Use rain water or used water from your shower/bath/washing clothes to clean up my poo & pee nature calls.
  • If you have some sort of filtering mechanisme for rain water, you can use those water on me too. For external uses anyway.
  • Ummm… have a tub of water – better yet, a small plastic swimming pool – neh, those kids play one – for my bath. Then you don’t have to lure or trick me to the bathe area. Turn the tap off on me when you are bathing me.
  • Water me from top – water will drip down and wet the bottom part anyway. Just cup some water in your palm if my stomach or other areas are not wet enough.
  • To make sure I drink all the water you provide, put some good smelling food into it. I’ll drink it all up!
  • DON’T spray me with water whenever I bark unnecessarily. Just use loud noise (if ok) or give me food 😉 (Big Sista – just use the muzzle)
  • Any other ideas? Please let me know more so that I can score more treats hehe.


Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Family, Health, Hygiene on 15 March 2007 by iamrainbow

2 of my neighbours – young girls in kindergarten or primary school – had shrieked and shouted angrily, “LESSIE!”

What had I done to them? Nothing.

So my Big Sista came out and hands akimbo, she asked them, “Mengapa?”

They ran back inside their home.

Then suddenly, a very small pebble flew over to my home.

Of course I bit it and put it in my mouth. It felt cool and hard. Good 🙂

Then Big Sista came out. She must have sharper ears than I thought. She heard the pebble dropped to our home!

She grabbed my muzzle and said firmly, “OPEN.”

I tried to keep my jaw closed but she pried it open.

Then she pulled the pebble out and threw it into the waste bin inside her home, where I was forbidden to enter. Sigh.. so much for my new toy.

She smacked my muzzle lightly and said, “NO.”

Then she went back inside.

After sometime, another pebble flew over and I put it into my mouth again. Could eat?

Again, Big Sista came and pried it out of my mouth. She threw the pebble back to neighbour and it hit the bigger girl’s butt. Hahah.

Then, she called the younger girl’s name but they went back inside home, hiding and giggling.

Later, she saw them sitting at the front porch and asked them, “Tadi awak buang batu?”

The bigger girl covered her face with a small handkerchief and tipped her head back. The younger girl smiled mischieviously, guilty but she kept quiet. The adult was reading, sitting in front of them.

We had gotten papers, plastics and food thrown over. This made my Big Sista angry at their cruelty and selfishness. Yes, I was am very noisy at night and day – I am only protecting my home and family from strangers who put papers inside, dogs passing by and dangerous men. Why, when there were robbers inside their home, I had barked so loud and then they woke up and the robbers left. I didn’t even get any thanks. Hmph!

“Jangan buang batu sini lagi. Nanti anjing saya,” she struggled to find the word, which she doubted the kids would understand, “tercekik. Kalau awak buang lagi…” My Big Sista warned them.

Then the adult realized my Big Sista was talking to the kids and she asked, “What?”

Big Sista explained, “Just now they were throwing small pebbles over to my dog.”

“WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! CRAZY AR?!” The adult scolded the kids.

We didn’t get any pebbles anymore. This wasn’t the first time things were thrown over.


Posted in Animals, Fashion, Health, Hygiene on 11 February 2007 by iamrainbow

Lately I have been shedding a lot of my fur.

Big Sista loved to run her fingers through my fur.. Oooo I loved it too.

I heard them humans say:

“She’s losing so much hair!” Mom complained. “Home inside also got! So dirrty!”

“Let’s try not to give her home food. Maybe our home food is salty to her.”

“I never put salt in our home food.. but ok, will try it.”

Big Sista found that doggies shed their fur during spring time and temperature.

I heard she quoted from a website to Mom,

“Shedding seems to be connected to seasonal temperature, but it is actually governed by photoperiod or day length. Dogs that live outside usually shed heavily as days lengthen in spring, but those that live mostly indoors often seem to shed at least a bit all year. Loss of the winter undercoat helps the dog stay cooler in warm, humid weather, a necessity for an animal whose only sweat glands are in the pads of his paws. Female dogs often drop their coats after a heat cycle or after whelping and most dogs will also shed after undergoing anesthesia.”

Dog Owner’s Guide – Canine Fur

At least I don’t shed as much as this poor Newfie doggie:

Big Paws Only – Dog Shedding

OO look at others’ fur in Dog – A Dog’s Fur

The types of brushes for different dogs – Help your pet as fur falls off

Shower time eeeee!

Posted in Animals, Family, Food, Health, Hygiene on 4 February 2007 by iamrainbow

I don’t like to shower. Period.

It’s not because I’m having period now.

Last time, Big Brotha showered me. Now, Big Sista.

When Big Sista takes out the bottle of shampoo, ho! I know she wants to bathe me!

I immediately hide myself somewhere in the compound. Which she finds me in the end anyway. Although Big Sista doesn’t have my power of nose, she is bigger, waaaay taller than me and so supposedly can run faster than me. *sigh* I need a bigger house. More trees, tall trees and bushes to hide and play.

But then she unhooked the leash from the door and I thought she was going to take me walk outside! 😀 Yeay! I sat down and waited for her to hook the leash to my collar.

I smiled at her. Hehe. 🙂

Then she pulled me towards the water tub where Big Brotha always poured water into my water dish and I knew it! She was going to bathe me! NONONO!

I continued to sit down like a rock, not moving. I think of myself as the mountain rock, ne, the red rock in America with faces of the ex-Presidents. They had been there for so long, stuck to the earth.

Then Big Sista pulled the leash softly, “Come..”

I stayed.


I stayed.

Then she let go of the leash and got inside home. When she came out, she was holding a green treat. Oh oh, I sniffed it and it smelled good.. I must hold myself. I couldn’t move or she would know my weakness! STAY STAY STAY.

She deliberately put the treat dangling at my nose. My eyes also crossed to follow the treat. Then she turned her back to me and put it into the mouth. Ah, I thought she was making a show only. When she looked at me, the treat was still in the same size in height, width and depth.

Then she pulled on the leash again and said, “Come.”

Much to my dismay, I followed her.

To the place near the water tub. She put the treat on the wall and then bathed me, starting with the head – just water.

I like the rubbing but not the water. I guess once it’s started, it’s ok.

Then she added shampoo for the rest of my body. When she rinsed the shampoo, sometimes I walk to the other side, further away from the water tub but she pulled me back a bit.

I now know her sequence so I know when to turn and lift my paws.

While drying me with the penguin towel, I shook myself to get rid of the water. Fun.

Then she tied my leash to the dry side of the compound and let me eat the treat.

Brushing teeth

Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Hygiene on 30 January 2007 by iamrainbow

*pant pant*

I leaned over eagerly to lick Big Sista’s face. I wanna give her big kiss!

Big Sista grimaced and turned her face from me.

Later at night, after feeding me crumbs of bread, she took out a blue thing with bristles on her finger.

“Open,” she cajoled me.

She smiled and pried my jaws open. I licked her fingers.

“Eee..” she removed her fingers quickly.

Then she tried again to put her fingers into my mouth. I shut my mouth. Hehe. Anything she told me to do, I loved to challenge her. :p

Besides I had a hunch, she wanted to stick that brush into my mouth.

She held me jaw from top, blocking some of my view and brushed my front teeth. I tasted orange jelly! Yumm.. *lick lick*

When she stuck it at my sides, she pulled my jaw open from the bottom. Ha! I could see clearly! I zipped my mouth very tightly. Hmph 😐

She brushed a bit somemore then stopped and continued a few seconds later.

So yesterday night, I went to sleep very early hehehe. But a car zoomed by and then park outside. I immediately woke up and made LOTS of noise!

Then Big Sista took out a spray bottle to spray water at me again… *sob* I sat down at the corner quietly, hiding my face.

I looked up and showed her my best pitiful face when she came out again holding the brush with orange.

I have to give her credit, she used high pitch voice trying to excite me, “Doggie, this is good for your teeeeth!”

I wasn’t born yesterday. She stuck her fingers into my mouth again and this time, I let her brush my teeth longer laaa. I also didn’t want foul breathe. Maybe when I have orange breathe, Big Sista would let me give her a big wet kiss across her face! 😀

Pet Education – Brushing Teeth & Home Dental Care
Furlongs Pet Supply – How To Brush A Dog’s Teeth