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Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Food, Play on 8 November 2007 by iamrainbow

It’s not exactly new..

But that Big Sista has been so busy blogging her own blogs, hmph! and Facebooking that she forgot MY own blog! *bark* Bad Sista. If I were in Facebook, I’d have my chance to poke her all I want. Czo she always poke my ear for fun, then laugh when I flap my ears.

I got talent. I can move my ears up, down, left, right -35°. Can you? Wanna bet?! WANNA BET?! 1 BIG JAR OF COOKIES!

And she put up my old picture! This was at a night… long time ago. I was sitting near the door, body and mind heavy from big dinner. I know her trick but damnnit, I love food! Food is my gonna be my downfall aii..

I got no more balls la. 1 got lost, the other chewed to death. You wan to give me one? Give me big, squeezy one oh, coz I can BITE real hard. *bare teeth*

If Big Sista give me another ball, I would keep quiet. I swear I will NOT bark at the postman and people passing advertisements into the mailbox. Maybe.

So eh. My head is not that big. My body is very loooooooooooooooooooong but like I said, I have my body physical talents. I can curl up my body into a circle. Can you? If you can curl more than me, I give you.. mm.. 1 cookie.

If not, you give me 10 cookie. Hhahahhahahahahahaa..

Oh got such thing

Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Career, Play, Safety on 7 September 2007 by iamrainbow

Locally, if any of my people are lost, they call SPCA or PAWS and send emails and post on blogs.

There, in US, got this website for Fido:

By registering with Fido Finder, you will be registering your dog’s vital information, such as name, breed, gender, color, and postal code. If your dog is ever lost, the person who has found your dog will be able to locate you based on the postal code in which the dog was found. Don’t worry. Fido Finder takes into consideration surrounding postal codes when notifying dog owners that a possible match was just added to Fido Finder.


to find missing people (read: dogs) and help others too.

Mabbe Big Sista can get a job chasin’ and findin’ missin’ people.. then I can fallow and travel all over the world!

Can I eat it?

Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Family, Food, Play on 3 September 2007 by iamrainbow

When Big Sista came hom one day, she showed a blue appy to me in a clear plastic box. I bend my head and looked at it. What is it?

Can I eat it?!

I sit up straighter, pretending to be obedient hahaha.

Flip Flap
Flip Flap – Big Sista got this for her birthday. I tell you, my Big Sista is tall! Over 3 times of my height and very short fur.

Then she moved it upside down and the lime green things moved!!! OOooh, alive?! What animal is it? I got chase flies and buterflies before..

Can I eat it?!

Plleeeeassee.. please…. *whine for sound effect to tug her heart*

“Heh heh, not to eat 1 lah!” She said.

Cey! *bark loudly* Play the fool me! Got food only come la.

Give me red apple ok? Be Deliciiuuus..

Walking human

Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Family, Play on 29 July 2007 by iamrainbow

This is how sometimes I walk Big Sista. The difference is I have a leash to her hand ahahaha!

Unfortunately, I hardly get to walk her these days with rain every evening aiii…

Seems that picture is from

Anyone know Japanese? Where is the link to this picture and more?

Could’ve fooled me

Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Family, Play on 18 July 2007 by iamrainbow

I read Wise Bread – Pet Hack: Cheap treats and laughed!

My Big Sista knew whenever she hit my food plate with spoon, I would come running! Dang! Then I whine for the food and jump up and down. Oo ooo ooooooo oooo..

Tennis balls? Doesn’t work for me big strong sharp teeth hehe. Big Sista and Brotha had bought around 5 tennis balls from supermarkets but I chewed them up in 1-2 days each. Hah!

The only thing that lasts long for me is the SUPER hard bone. It’s not colourful though 😦

She also bought a neon pink plastic bone from pet shop. Destroyed into pieces in 6hrs 20min. Woooh! She wailed when she saw it.

I like playing with the colourful string rag. I throw it up in the air, wrestle *growl* with it and I never give to my Big Sista. Unless she’s offering food..

We must be strong! No reward, no obey!

Lost my toy (again)

Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Family, Hygiene, Play on 5 July 2007 by iamrainbow

Remember I wrote about getting a new toy? Did I? The rag with lots of colours, not only purple and white err grey?

I was dangling it at the gate in the morning and suddenly it was gone!

Big Sista had played with me the night before. She told me, “GO!”

I looked at her. I turned around at the porch. I looked back at her. I sent brain waves to her – I also don’t know where?


I continued to stare at her. I don’t know go where to find it woooh..

She walked out into the porch and looked for it. No where got.

She went outside and walked around the neighbour. First, she went to the black puppy.

There’s this black puppy don’t know from where..? He, I think. He kept biting our gate and I kept biting it but got scolded by Big Sista.

You what we do everytime we see another person like us. We bark. I barked non-stop. Until Big Sista said, “Lessie, Quiet.” She sounded like a warning. But I’m not afraid :p

Then she’d shake the bottle of water. OK. OK. I quiet.

I think that dog took my toy!

The next day, an aunt that always chit chat gossip with grandmother dropped my toy! It’s in black colour and smell funny! I didn’t touch it, much less go near it. Yuck.. maybe it’s not mine. Helo, mistaken identity!

But Big Sista cleaned it up and hung it outside during 1 hot day. Oooh, ooo, it’s really my toy! I look up at it. Happy happy. When can I play?


Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Family, Play, Safety on 30 May 2007 by iamrainbow

My home’s roof had holes that during heavy rain with wind, there would be water dripping in. Of course, I’m not affected.

I only jump and whine when there’s thunder. Otherwise, I’m cool with rain. Oh, no. Except that I couldn’t play catch bone in a wider area when there’s rain. And most likely, no walk outside…

Today was particularly noisy and dangerous! I was so scared, I was shaking! Those intruders wearing hats, caps and long sleeved clothes and painted jeans.

I saw pieces of big gray things dropped down from the sky!!! Horror!

I freaked out, I admitted. I wasn’t as brave as I thought..

I jumped inside the human’s home.

Again and again, the pieces dropped onto the floor and lorry with loud bang! Like gun shot!

Luckily Big Sista was around and she came to soothe me. I ignored the bread she offered me.

I dared not go out till they had left. And that too, Big Sista had to carry my body out because I was adamant on sitting on the floor.

After they had left, all was well. 😀