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Leave it!

Posted in Animals, Behaviour on 25 April 2010 by iamrainbow

Big sis is teaching me to leave delicious, tempting food on the floor, RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES!

How can I do it?! Of coz I can’t! I won’t leave any food unappreciated!

So I sneak and eat it when she turns her back! Hehe hehee.. Then I’d move away from the spot. Kek.

Then when she came back, she would turn her head left & right. Looking for the snack. “Where is it?! Who ate it?! Ha?!”

I’d feign my innocent look and pretend to be interested in the small patch of grass growing from 1 of the small hole in my world. Sometimes I’d scratch it to show some action to make it more┬ábelievable.

Sometimes though, she’d caught me and I’d kena smack on my nose ­čśŽ

But I will still do it again, if opportunity presents itself :p

Runaway dog

Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Family on 27 December 2007 by iamrainbow

This morning I was woken up by grandmother shrieking, “Dog!!! DOG!!”

I woke up to see that she was standing still at the gate but her mouth was still shouting. Ugh. No use shouting so much if it doesn’t work, ok?

Doggie had runaway to the other side of the block.

I grabbed my spec and tore a small piece of bread as lure.

I found her sniffing the ground. When she saw me, she came over wagging her tail. I let her smell the bread and she came closer then suddenly dashed off to chase 2 dogs in the neighbourhood. 1 of the dogs were in pure white – those wolf dog which was quite obedient following its master. Of course, it was lead by a chain. Still. My dog strain on the leash when I take her for a walk. I’m not fierce enuf. *growl* >_<

The other dog must be the puppy which had grown bigger. It had skin disease all over its body. When it was a puppy 2 weeks ago, or maybe not, its butt was in gray colour. Maybe I had mistaken the identity…

Those dogs must be males. 1 of them – that dog with skin disease eagerly came over to my dog. I shouted and stomped my foot, swiping my hand widely to prevent that dog from coming over.

@ night, Don't take my picture
@ night, Don’t take my picture hmph!

The dogs left and my dog followed after them leisurely, sniffing lamp post, rubbish bins, road..

The bread didn’t work.

I shouted to mom, “Get me the leash!”


Once I got the leash, I walked over to her and command her to sit but she didn’t listen though she did run back towards our house. At the junction, she turn to the other side further away from home.

Mom got out holding the cane. Oh hoh.

Oooo.. give me love
Oooo.. give me love

She hit the cane on her butt lightly several times, “GO IN!!”

As doggie walked in, mom still shouted and hit her.

I told mom, “Enough!”

“I hit lightly only la.”

I felt bad mom hit her so I commanded her to come and when she did, she sat quietly. I tore the piece of bread to half and gave her 1.

Sometimes she can be an angel, sometimes the devil.

Come. Commme. Come!

Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Family on 21 December 2007 by iamrainbow

There’s another new puppy in the neighbourhood. A gray white cutie.

My doggie is barking up to the max whenever that puppy is around.

The good thing is doggie doesn’t bark so much at cats anymore.. maybe whenever she sees a cat and I notice it, I stroke her pretty head. It’s good to see cats without doggie barking.

Today, as I walked her for exercise, she saw a black cat lying at the grass but she didn’t chase it. In fact, she sort of ignored the cat and sniffed the road. Later, when we passed the cat 2nd time, she stared at the cat and the cat stood up erectly, preparing to fight or run. Doggie stared and then barked! She wanted to give a chase but I pulled her back.

And when it was time to go back home, she didn’t want to. To trick her, I ran towards home. For some reason, she loves to run. So she runs whenever I run. But once we reached home, I had to stop to take out the keys. She turned back but couldn’t move far. So she sat down like a stone.

I cooed, “Come..”

No movement.

I walked over to her and then ran back inside home, just 2 steps for me. She ran towards the home too. She was inside, just barely. I pulled the gate close but knowing I had tricked her, she dashed out. Damn! She’s blur but she learn fast – when it’s to her advantage.

I tied the latch onto the gate and took 2 bits of biscuits to her as bait. She sniffed closer but ah, she probably didn’t trust me anymore. She stood her ground and when I pulled the latch, she actually lied down on the floor! Her whole body on the ground!

*hands up*

I carried her body in and she reluctantly stayed inside home while I close the gate. For not getting out again, I rewarded her with a “Good dog” and patted her head.

This is only training a dog. Imagine the work for educating a child. I salute parents and teachers who can inspire children and students yet discipline them.


Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Event, Food, Health on 8 November 2007 by iamrainbow

(Tamil) Yan na de, ing ga bo reng ge? Oi!

Juz now, got people play fireworks & crackers. I’m not scaredy cat anymore!

*pi blak pi blak eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwuuuuu pak*

*bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark*

Big Sista covered my ears. So sweet of her. But that didn’t stop me from barking. Hahha.

* pak pak pak bang bang bang bang *

Why so noisy arh you?! I’m louder! I’m not afraid of you anymore hah!

*bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark *


Big Sista explained telepathically that such firecrackers have a louder finale.

I also got.

*bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark BARK*

Happy Deepavali!

My next door is celebrating it. Oooo eeee.. I hope I get fruit wine cakes! I smelling fried food for days already.. homemade food! I like! *sniff*

New template

Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Food, Play on 8 November 2007 by iamrainbow

It’s not exactly new..

But that Big Sista has been so busy blogging her own blogs, hmph! and Facebooking that she forgot MY own blog! *bark* Bad Sista. If I were in Facebook, I’d have my chance to poke her all I want. Czo she always poke my ear for fun, then laugh when I flap my ears.

I got talent. I can move my ears up, down, left, right -35┬░. Can you? Wanna bet?! WANNA BET?! 1 BIG JAR OF COOKIES!

And she put up my old picture! This was at a night… long time ago. I was sitting near the door, body and mind heavy from big dinner. I know her trick but damnnit, I love food! Food is my gonna be my downfall aii..

I got no more balls la. 1 got lost, the other chewed to death. You wan to give me one? Give me big, squeezy one oh, coz I can BITE real hard. *bare teeth*

If Big Sista give me another ball, I would keep quiet. I swear I will NOT bark at the postman and people passing advertisements into the mailbox. Maybe.

So eh. My head is not that big. My body is very loooooooooooooooooooong but like I said, I have my body physical talents. I can curl up my body into a circle. Can you? If you can curl more than me, I give you.. mm.. 1 cookie.

If not, you give me 10 cookie. Hhahahhahahahahahaa..

Dogs attack cat?

Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Safety on 20 October 2007 by iamrainbow

The other midnite, I smelled a group of dogs coming into my street. I started barking once my senses confirmed it was true.

Then the dogs came to my street, barking also and pawing something. Wait.. it was a cat! It meowed angrily, fighting back and trying to escape but 5-6 dogs were too much.

It was heart wrenching for Big Sista who came out toolate. Should she go out to fend off the dogs to save thecat? Was the cat hurt tooo much that it would be better off dead (and become dog food)?

Didn’t know if they had killed and eaten the cat – they dragged the cat to the other roadand soon, no more meowing sound. Sigh. And I got scolded for barking.

Big Brotha suggested the next timet his happens, throw bread to another area where the dogs will follow – the dogs get food, the cat escape.


Posted in Animals, Behaviour, Event, Safety on 15 September 2007 by iamrainbow

Stop the Hunt – Protest Against Selayang Dog Catching┬áContest is scraped!

After the peaceful protest and handing over memorandum by the NGOs and animal lovers to Selayang Council, the contest is canceled! They will co-operate on how to prevent dogs becoming stray instead! ­čśÇ